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  • Bergen
  • Essex
  • Hudson
  • Monmouth
  • Morris
  • Passaic
  • Union

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Loving Hands sends out to all our personnel, patients, contracts and friends an informative newsletter every other month. The Loving Hands newsletter is filled with fun medical facts, headline medical stories and phenomena’s, new and improved drug remedies, company updates, job opportunities and much more. To receive a newsletter, call Mike at 1 – 800 – 286 – 1133 or FAX us a request at 201 – 265 – 5067 or email us at Loving Hands.

Loving Hands has developed and implemented a brochure, which identifies all services rendered by the Loving Hands personnel. This brochure also explains the type of services that are rendered. It continues to explain in depth, the geographical locations of the Loving Hands offices, addresses and all pertinent numbers needed to contact us. In the brochure we will tell you who we are, what type of reimbursement we interact with, what our service hours are, how we initiate the care we provide and how we continue to provide quality care without losing focus. The Loving Hands brochure is comprehensive and informative. Please contact us so that we can mail you a brochure right away at 1 – 800 – 286 – 1133, FAX us a request at 201 – 265 – 5067 or email us directly .